About Us

MyDreamTeam11 is a platform dedicated to cricket enthusiasts. If you are a cricket fan and you think you can create the best team that can perform the best, this is the right platform for you to showcase your skills and to earn real money in return. MyDreamTeam11 enables you to feel the rush and the thrill of Fantasy Cricket on your mobile phones.

MyDreamTeam11 is a real money Fantasy Cricket platform, wherein, if your team scores the highest points, you will not only have the fun of winning, but you will also earn real money. This way, you can transform your cricket expertise and passion to generate revenue. Now playing your cricket game is not just a time pass, it is a money generating habit.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to keep on updating the game to provide the best fantasy cricket experience to all our users. We regularly research this genre and the app fields to find something new and interesting to improve the performance and user experience of our app. Our goal is to provide the users with a platform that they can easily use to showcase their cricket knowledge and skills and therefore they can earn real money in return.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide our audience with the best ever fantasy cricket platform.

We want you to earn the most out of your cricket expertise and skills. We want to transform your talent into unlimited paychecks. Our vision is to provide our audiences with the most secure platform, where they can play unlimited games without worrying about their money. We help you by eliminating the complexities of the fantasy sports genre and we give you a platform that you can learn and use in just 5 minutes.

We want to connect all the fantasy cricket lovers to one place so that they can all play against the best and they can earn the most out of a match. We want to provide you a platform that you can use to turn all your dreams into reality

Hop on to this Fantasy Cricket journey and become the ultimate fantasy cricket champ!